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Where is my order?
On 3/28, the latest prints finally arrived together. We are now in the process of fulfilling all orders. International orders may take up to one extra week as we sort through some customs nonsense that is causing games to be returned unclaimed. If your order is a domestic order, give it until around 4/4 to arrive. We dumped so many games on the post office that they are behind us now and catching up. You should at least get your tracking number by email by 4/1. Again, that's for domestic orders. For the rest of the world, we are about halfway through your orders. Give us until around 4/7 to get them all out. Thank you all so much for your patience. WE MADE IT!
Will/can I get a tracking number?
Yup! A tracking number is sent automatically when your order ships. If you do not have one, sit tight.
Do you sell to stores?
If you are a small or medium game or similar shop, I absolutely sell at a discount to you. I grew up in store like yours. It is very, very important to me to support you and have something I made on your shelves. Email me at and tell me about your store. I'll respond as soon as possible.
Where is my Kickstarter Order?
All Kickstarter orders have shipped and should have arrived by now. Email me at if yours hasn't.
I received a tracking number, but it never updated. It just says "Electronic shipping info received."
As soon as we print your shipping label, that email is sent. If yours is stuck at that for more than two days, email me at
Do you ship internationally?
I did for a year, then had to suspend it while international distribution is better established. Sign up for the newsletter to be notified when it's in place! It will be up soon!
My order is missing items.
If your order is missing items, email me at
I won something in a contest.
If you won something in a contest, email me at
Thanks again, everyone!


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